IoMT Interoperability

Ceiba's IoMT Enterprise Solution is the latest evolution in device connectivity and interoperability.

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Ceiba's IoMT eConnect Box and Cloud Platform Solution is unrivaled in the industry. With a pre-installed and pre-tested medical device driver base at 1000+ and counting, we can be live in under 3 days with minimal IT involvement, even bringing legacy devices online such as EEG Machines.

Our IoMT Cloud Solution is an open architecture, integrates with myriad medical devices and hospital systems individually or comprehensively, operating seamlessly with protocols including HL7, FHIR, JSON and XML. Additionally, Ceiba deploys a rigorous standardization and normalization model in a device agnostic approach, which means your investments in modern and legacy devices are not only maintained but leveraged for greater benefit on the Cloud.

Unleash the full power of Big Data with Ceiba IoMT.

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