RoRo  The 1st Telehealth IQ Bot for Seamless Healthcare Service by Ceiba Health

As the demand for telehealth services continues to grow, so does the need for advanced technology that can streamline and optimize the delivery of healthcare. That's why Ceiba Health is proud to introduce RoRo, the 1st Telehealth IQ Bot. RoRo is an intelligent routing robot that performs a wide range of functions to ensure that patients are seamlessly matched with the right healthcare provider.

Smart Routing and Triage Algorithm

RoRo's smart routing and triage algorithm is the backbone of its capabilities. By taking into account a number of factors such as hospital access rights, department access rights, unit access rights, specialty, shift information, and more, RoRo can prioritize patients and match them with the most appropriate healthcare provider. RoRo also considers primary and backup provider preferences, escalation counts per user, online/offline/busy status, organization prioritization, doctor, PA, NP preferences, and the number of completed consultations within the last 12 hours.

Patient and Doctor Matching

Another important function of RoRo is its ability to perform patient and doctor matching. When a patient requests a consultation, RoRo assigns them to the most appropriate doctor based on their medical needs, availability, and other factors. RoRo can also take into account any previous consultations the patient may have had and assign them to the same doctor for continuity of care.

RoRo also helps healthcare providers manage their workload by assigning consultations based on their availability and other factors. If a healthcare provider is unavailable, RoRo will assign the consultation to another available provider, ensuring that patients are always able to access the care they need.

At Ceiba, we found that 24/7 gap coverage in tele-critical care, tele-neurology and tele-psychiatry requires a unique and diverse set of needs not well served by the first generation of telehealth solutions, that is, remote doctors using basic audio/video.  

But we also heard that complex technology integrations for many organizations are simply too costly and requires far too much complexity relative to hardware implementation, data integration and disruption to current workflow.  Customers simply wanted synergy with existing workflow for rapid and effective remote clinical services.

The Ceiba Advantage...
- Synergized with current workflows via an intuitive andsimple to use interface maximizing care coordination and quality of care
- Remote automated acuity scoring to improve response times by smartly prioritizing the right patients driving down mortality rates
- Matches consult requests with smart routing algorithms enabling faster than industry response times
- Intuitive bedside integrated workflows
- Real time on demand quality and outcome measurement via reporting and analytics dashboards making it easy for clinical ops to maximize efficiencies and care quality, track your outcomes and improve metrics
- web based device agnostic continuous monitoring and decision support from any smartphone, tablet or pc

Our role and goal is to make your bedside clinicians' jobs more efficient, value-driven and streamlined.

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