Tele - Clinical Care

Our telehealth technology platform and multi-specialty clinical services offering centers on broadening access to care and improving coordination across the entire continuum from inpatient to acute hospital at home with medical device connectivity & integration.


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Built to support the rapid launch of customized telehealth programs across the enterprise, Ceiba's technology platform and clinical services offering decreases transfers, saves lost revenue, fills gaps in coverage, reduces leakage, increases census, shortens response times, lowers length of stay and drives down staff burnout. With lightning fast implementation timelines helping medical device connectivity and medical device integration.

Ceiba significantly increases surge capacity while leveraging existing carts and hardwired A/V units to communicate with providers, multi-specialty clinicians, family members, customized rounding, proactive 24/7 response and discharge planning.

Whether you require tele-rounding, continuous monitoring, critical care physician coverage, supplementing to an existing tele-ICU solution, optimizing your transfer center, extending patient care to specialty areas or need remote medical oversight and operational support, Ceiba is here for you.

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